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Golf Guide Advertising | Website Advertising

"Feature" Golf Course (2)

The feature course will appear on the home of with a click-through to the "Feature Course" website. Space is available for two golf courses.
$100 per month
$1000 annually
Rotating Home Page Banners (3)

Three rotating side bar "Home Page" banners on with a click-through to the Banner Advertiser's website. Space is available for three advertisers.
$200 per month
$2000 annually
Top Feature "Banner" Advertising

The Top Feature Banner will remain on all pages through the customer's visit on the website. The Banner will also link to the advertiser's website.
$300 per month
$3000 annually
Basic Internet Website Design and Hosting

ATP, Inc., through D3Corp, has combined to offer discounted opportunities for Website Design, Hosting and Marketing. Basic service include web elements such as domain names, yardage books, electronic forms, course photos and scorecards. More advanced features that are available include Virtual Tours, Flash Design, Multimedia Presentations and Custom Database integration.
Prices start at $1800

Featured Course
Rotating Home Page Banner
Featured Banner
Website Design


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